About Jeremy Church

There’s nothing quite like overcoming a challenge, and the empowering rewards that follow; wisdom, confidence, humility, patience. It’s a journey that begins with an aspiration or curiosity, and ends with an accomplishment, however close to or different from the original goal it may be. It’s hard to fail, even if the objective is never reached.

I love a good challenge, and each one allows me to envision a greater goal and potential for the next. Sometimes the challenges are chosen for me, like a flat tire, which can be just as rewarding if approached with the right mindset.

So who am I? I’m just a person facing each challenge head-on. It doesn’t always turn out the way I hoped or expected, but that’s ok.


This site runs on a self-hosted, installation of WordPress, and the CSS is compiled from Sass.

Page headers are set in Acta Poster by DSType Foundry; initially designed for a Chilean newspaper in 2010. Acta Poster is reminiscent of ultra, display typefaces from the 1970s. Source: Typographica

Subheaders are set in Roboto, a grotesque typeface by Google’s Christian Robertson. The font was designed in 2012, and since then Google has released a new version with plans to actively develop the typeface. Source: Google Developers Blog

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Photos of myself (on the About page and article footer) were taken by Brad Klucsarits and Vinnie White, respectively.